Remote Attach

VizTracer supports remote attach so you don’t need to start the process with VizTracer. This is helpful when you don’t want to restart the process to trace it. You can run the process once and forever, and only attach VizTracer when you want to trace it. The process will run normally without performance hit when you are not attaching VizTracer.

This feature does not support Windows

To attach to the process and trace it, you have to install VizTracer on the process you want to trace

from viztracer import VizTracer
tracer = VizTracer()

tracer.install() will basically add handlers for SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2 which are only available on Unix. This also requires the program not using these two signals.

Then when you are running this process, you can attach to it with VizTracer, using it’s pid

viztracer --attach <pid>

By default, you need to Ctrl+C out of viztracer to save the report. Be aware that it is the attached process rather than attaching process(viztracer) that is saving the report, so it’s the attached process’s resource that is being spent. This also means, if you need other options, you should specify them in VizTracer instance in attached process.

You can also trace for a period of time using -t

viztracer --attach <pid> -t <seconds>